- Cosmetic tattoo of eyebrows, permanent makeup, ombre (feather touch) and combination brows -

Semi permanent makeup by Rina

Cosmetic tattoo of eyebrows, permanent makeup, ombre and hairstroc brow tattoing.

This fashionable procedure has been spreading around the world for the last several years, giving women a chance to become more attractive and look spectacular 24/7. What is the secret of its growing popularity?

The predecessor of permanent or, more precisely, semi-permanent makeup was the procedure of a regular tattoo. For some time it was in demand, because it had no alternative. For example, women who lost their natural hairs on the brow ridge either drew brows with a cosmetic pencil, or did a tattoo for a lasting effect. It should be noted that it was, and still is, almost impossible to get rid of the eyebrow tattoo done the old, traditional way. Nowadays, such “works of art” are removed using specially designed equipment and specialized products. This procedure is quite expensive and takes a lot of time.

Permanent makeup specialists offer a full range of procedures that relate to permanent makeup:

  • Eyeliner;
  • Lip design;
  • Semi-permanent foundation or BB Glo;
  • Permanent make-up of dark circles under the eyes;
  • Moles;
  • Temporary mini tattoos.

Modern equipment allows cosmetic tattoo artists to work in various techniques, but there are 2 main methods:

  1. Machine method;
  2. Manual method, aka microblading;
Machine method

pmu ombreUsing the machine method, almost all procedures are performed where pigment shading on the skin is needed. It should be noted that each master has her own machine for work, because in this profession very important are such factors as skilled hand movements, proper selection of needles, knowledge of the coloristics and of the specific pigments with which the cosmetic tattoo is being performed. The beautician can work with several machines, they are all individually selected according to personal preference as well as for various tasks. The main thing in this procedure is the accuracy in the execution of the sketch and the uniform filling.

Manual method (microblading)

microblading pmuThis technique is only applicable for rendering missing parts, such as hairs, contour, etc. With manual techniques that are performed by manipulations, penetration into the skin is deeper, the pattern remains longer in time of wear, however, it is less aesthetic.

Both methods are established in permanent makeup and can be combined together. It all depends on the design area and pattern.

The procedures do not have pronounced painful sensations like with a tattoo, since there is no deep penetration under the skin, injuries during tattooing are minimized, recovery is quick and without consequences. Permanent makeup socks last from one to three years.

The basis for the selection of the master may be the length of service, recommendations and photos of the work performed.

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