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The Architecture of the Perfect Eyebrow

» All about cosmetic tattoo » The Architecture of the Perfect Eyebrow

The architecture of eyebrows means modeling their shape, dyeing with chemichal pigments or henna, tattooing, eyebrow makeup.

Deciding on the shape

When you think of eyebrows architecture, you need to understand that their shape and curvature should be in harmony with the features of the face. The correct shape of the eyebrows will reveal the advantages and visually distract from imperfections.

Therefore, you must definitely understand what type your face belongs to.

eyebrow architechture shape color face

The face can be round, oval, square or triangular. Representatives of a round face have eyebrows of an upward shape or eyebrows with a kink.

For a square, choose eyebrows with smooth lines without kinks, it is possible with a high rise.

Eyebrow strings for such a person are not recommended. These rules apply to representatives of a rectangular type of face.

Eyebrows "arc" decorate a triangular face. At the same time, the tips should not look down so as not to create the effect of melancholy. If the face is diamond-shaped, then you can try the raised shape of the eyebrows. Eyebrow arches will decorate such a face and smooth out angularities.

The oval face does not go along the arch-edges or bends with kinks. In this case, the most optimal option is straight.

Correction methods

Having decided on the form, you can proceed to the stage of eliminating or correcting visible shortcomings. For this, tweezers and scissors are usually used. Too long hairs are trimmed gently, after combing them with a brush up and then down. Extra and ugly hairs are removed with tweezers. Such correction methods are accessible and easy to use, so each woman will cope with them on her own. In the salon, the master can offer you wax depilation. At the same time, the eyebrow growth line is more accurate and clear.


There are several options for coloring eyebrows: special paint, henna, tattoo. When choosing a paint, you need to remember that its color should be combined with the color of your hair and be two to three tones darker. This applies to blondes, and brunettes, and redheads. High-quality pigments stay on the hairs for 2-3 weeks, on the skin from 2 to 5 days. Like any cosmetic procedure, eyebrow coloring has its contraindications, which you need to know about.

Do not use the dye if you have:

Coloring the eyebrows with henna is a simple and possible procedure at home, but it’s better to have it with a master brovist. Henna is a natural drug, but can cause an allergic reaction, so it is necessary to conduct a test in advance and pay attention to the above contraindications. When choosing henna color, it is also recommended to consider the color of hair, eyes and skin tone.

Unlike chemichal dye, which sometimes negatively affects hairs, henna has several advantages:

Henna-dyed eyebrows will delight you from 2 to 3 weeks.

The most persistent and long-lasting color is, of course, tattooing. Made by a skillful artist, it will also look natural, and can last up to three years.

Care after dyeing

The painting effect can be prolonged, subject to simple rules: do not wet your eyebrows during the day after the procedure; do not use scrub and peeling in the painting area; in do not visit the bathhouse or sauna for the first days.

To restore hair, do not forget to do nutritious procedures using castor oil or wheat germ oil, which is convenient to apply on the eyebrows with a cotton swab. Sometimes it will not be amiss to pamper your eyebrows with a massage with a special soft brush.

Eyebrow Makeup

If for some reason you can’t do permanent makeup or even normal coloring, you can always give your eyebrows the desired shape and color using cosmetics and accessories. It can be a pencil, wax, eyeliner or eye shadow. All kinds of accessories are very popular with all kinds of brushes, brushes and stencils. A pencil will help to paint individual hairs, and the shadows will add volume and density. Gel or wax model the shape and record the result. There are more than enough options for the transformation pertaining to the architecture of the eyebrows. And every girl will find one that suits her perfectly, allowing her to be always beautiful and well-groomed!

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