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Eyebrow sketch in permanent makeup

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An eyebrow sketch is where the permanent tattoo artist begins her work. The brow artist must imagine what the result will look like, which should, first of all, please the client. However, there is a reliable way to build a successful shape of the eyebrows, by points.

Choosing the shape of the eyebrows

In order to correctly choose the shape of the eyebrows, you need to take into account the shape of the face. For the oval, any type of eyebrow is suitable, for a round one, the maximum bend without rounding. For owners of an elongated shape, long eyebrows, elongated to the bridge of the nose, are suitable for rhomboid, heart-shaped ones - a classic option.If the cheekbones are wide, then the face most likely resembles a square, which means that the line of eyebrows should be smoothly rounded, with a permissible bend. In no case flat, as this will enhance the "squareness" of the face.

Eyebrows should look as natural as possible, as well as satisfy the aesthetic taste of the client. Sometimes tattoo artists simply recommend a universal or classic shape. Classics are always in fashion, and this is important, because if, for example, wide eyebrows are in fashion now, then after some period of time there will be another fashion, and since a client can walk with eyebrows created by the master for several years, the classics will be the most relevant. The universal shape is suitable for any type of face. We do the marking of the eyebrows on the points. To make the result like and satisfy both the master and the client, you need to correctly make the markup. To do this, use a wax pencil.

To make the correct marking, five points are taken into account:

  1. The first is a parallel line from the tip of the eyebrow to the nose. The line will affect the corner of the eye.
  2. The second - from the corner of the nose through the pupil (if the eyes are set close), through the iris (if the eyes are set far away).
  3. The third - from the wing of the nose to the upper corner of the eye.
  4. The fourth - the bottom line of the eyebrow (figuratively move the eye).
  5. Fifth - eyebrow width.

Parallel lines are drawn from the beginning to the break point (then the lines narrow and go deep).

eyebrow sketch for permanent makeup

Important! A tattoo master should only draw a sketch to a client in a sitting position, or after drawing a sketch, he must lift a client and look at the work in an upright position, otherwise there may be serious errors in symmetry.

Correct symmetry is another task facing the master.

Natural eyebrows are asymmetrical, and the specialist’s task is, as far as possible, to compensate for the natural asymmetry with the help of new, symmetrical eyebrows. In the shape of the location of the eyebrows, you need to find a middle ground, it is in harmony with the face. ialist may face asymmetry such as: different location brow, nose centerline is offset to one of the eyes, the location of the eye at different levels relative to the horizon line, the transitions from the frontal bone to the temporal are different shape.

However, an experienced tattoo master focuses on the "eye", paying attention not only to millimeters, but also to natural facial expressions. When shaping the eyebrow head, the shape of the face is taken into account. It is not recommended to go beyond the hair growth zone. If the hairs in the eyebrow area are too long, they are cut with scissors and unnecessary ones are plucked out, with the consent of the client.

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