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How to care for the tattooed eyebrows

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Once strongly plucked eyebrows, thin as a thread were considered fashionable, but nowadays the ideal brows look is hard to imagine without a neatly drawn shape. Not all women are able (or care) to draw symmetrical lines with a cosmetic pencil every day, so tattooing or microblading becomes a solution. Often our natural brows lack color, which especially tcatches the eye in dark-haired ladies. Eyebrow tattoo can enhance the color.

Other advantages of permanent eyebrow tattoo include:

To enjoy all the benefits of eyebrow tattoo for a long time, you need to follow a number of rules.

The first day

Anesthesia has worn off. In the area of ​​application of the pigment, redness and a slight swelling can be present. At this stage, treatment with chlorhexidine wash to disinfect. Apply with a cotton disk after you get home from the procedure and straight before bed.  Otherwise, simply avoid touching the brow area, especially with dirty hands. 

You shouldn’t wash your face with water, especially from the tap or wash your hair that day. But if absolutely necessary, wash it so that water does not fall on the eyebrows. Facial skin, avoiding the area around the brows, can be wiped with a cotton disc dipped in tonic.

The first 4 days

Please avoid any physical exercise that would make you sweat. We want the pigment to take. Sweating would allow more of it to escape. The same goes for saunas, taking a hot bath or prolonged, hot showers.

10 days of patience

Active regeneration will take place in the following days. Damaged exfoliated epidermis together with the upper layer of the applied pigment will exfoliate in the form of unsightly crusts. Remember they should NOT be scrubbed off by force: the pigment may simply not take root. You will have to endure ten days, and everything will be beautiful. If possible, plan a tattoo for the period of vacation that you spend at home or in other conditions where there is no bright sun. If you have to go to work or study, in an extreme case, you can cover your eyebrows with bangs, wide sunglasses, hats etc. Wash your face pretty much as usual, but avoid touching the brows. You may use a moist cotton disk to gently clean them.

After crusts come off

You might not see any pigment, but don't freak out, because this is normal. The color will reveal itself fully within 30 days. That is, provided you didn't expedite the removal of those pesky little crusts before their time.

how eyebrows heal after semi permanent makeup

A month later

Within 30 days, the pigment shows its color, and hopefully, macthes the one that was originally chosen. However, you might notice some unevenness in color intensity or some areas where it didn't take at all, that's why you're strongly advised to come for a touch-up, where cosmetic tattooist  will be perfecting those eyebrows.

It is important to know that masks, scrubs, bleaching creams, and also the bright sun can accelerate the fading of pigment, so the tattoo area should be protected from their influence. Follow all the rules of cosmetic care, and then a rich, bright line of eyebrows will delight you as long as possible!

Last modified 2019-10-06

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