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Permanent lip makeup

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Lips are the most seductive part of the face, so every woman tries to attract attention with her shine and lipstick. According to some studies, every woman manages to eat a few kilograms of lipstick over the course of her life. Can you be sure you're eating safely?;) Hope your lipsticks are organic and full of vitamins!))

Permanent lip makeup is an alternative technique that allows you to maintain a seductive effect for quite a long time.

What is permanent lip makeup?

During the cosmetic procedure, a special tool is used to puncture the skin to a depth of 0.8 mm and a natural coloring pigment is introduced into the upper layer of the lips. Such an insignificant depth is practically not felt by the client and slightly injures the skin. Virtually no pain is felt during the procedure.

The persistence of permanent lip make-up is up to several years. Before the procedure, the master will advise which pigment is more suitable for the face. Together with the master, it is worth specifying the method of application.

permanent lip makeup tattoo

Permanent lip make-up techniques:

Contouring is considered to be the simplest technique. The method is recommended for ladies who are happy with the shape of the lips. After completing the procedure, the lips appear as outlined with a pencil, their clear border is visible.

The most popular lip tattooing method is shading. During the procedure, soft shading of the pigment is carried out over the entire surface of the lips, which allows you to visually make the lips puffy and at the same time maintain a maximally natural look. Partial filling gives the lips volume.

Advantages of the procedure

Permanent makeup has many advantages. The most important advantage of the procedure is the creation of an attractive look of lips. They will always attract attention wherever a woman is: at a party, in a sauna, on a sports ground.

Lips do not need daily tinting. The cosmetic tattoo is also remarkable for the fact that with its help you can easily change the shape of the lips, make them visually larger or, conversely, narrow them. Drawing outlines helps to hide defects, color dullness. With permanent makeup, youth returns. Semi-permanent lip tattooing is a serious cosmetic procedure, the implementation of which should be entrusted to a specialist.

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