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Semi permanent eyebrows - should you get them

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The 1920s was a decade when it was fashionable to pluck eyebrows almost completely and draw a thin “thread” in their place; by the 50ies, fashion changed dramatically - thick, lush, raised, prominent eyebrows were at the peak of popularity, the 70ies were a cult of naturalness and they didn’t care about the shape much at all, in the 90ies skinny eyebrows came in style again with women tweezing the death from those poor eyebrows .
Today again, natural beauty is appreciated. But what is there to do for those ladies who, after the previous waves of fashion, are left with shallow brows where hair simply no longer grows? Or what about those who, unfortunately, have no lush from birth? Should you paint them myself every day with the help of shadows, pencils, mascaras, etc. or shoud you consider permanent makeup?
Semi permanent makeup, or cosmetic eyebrow tattoo, is a procedure that helps to make those brows thicker, brighter or to highlight their shape. Some women oppose even semi-permanent tattoing, voicing concerns that such makeup may be harmful, dangerous to do, unnatural-looking or for some other reasons.

Pros of Permanent Makeup

The immediate advantage of this makeup is its long-term use. The paint used by the make-up artist does not wear off and does not deteriorate for a year or more, after which it should be refreshed with a touch up. For a long time a woman does not need to worry about the beauty of her eyebrows, she does not need to paint over them, only occasionally pull out regrowing hairs. Waking up in the morning without makeup, swimming in the pool or relaxing on the beach, your face will look well-groomed, as the tattoo will emphasize the eyes and oval of the face. Such eyebrows will always help to be irresistible without any effort.

Cons of Permanent Makeup

This procedure is a bit painful. Despite the fact that tattoists use an anesthetic, some discomfort may still be present. The degree of it depends both on the individual pain threshold of the client, and on the area of the procedure, and, to a lesser extent, on the professionalism of the tattoo artist.

When choosing an inexperienced or incompetent permanent makeup artist, there is a risk of infection. Therefore, you need to choose a permanent makeup specialist, based on the recommendations of your friends, reviews and comments of her clients, the quality of her training. Obviously, check the certification if such is mandatory for cosmetic tattoo studios/artists where you live. The tattoo artist must carefully sterilize reusable instruments (of which should be not many), cover the work surfaces with a film and single use tissues, and of course, use only disposable needles.

Another less dangerous, but very unpleasant mistake is the asymmetric form. Subsequently, such a mistake can be corrected by removing the tattoo using a special fluid or laser, but the trouble itself would obviously be unpleasant.

It is very important to find a good tattoo artist who will inspire confidence, who has all the certificates, work experience and uses only high-quality paint, a machine and other tools.

Tattooing has several contraindications. Typically, micropigmentation is not suitable for young ladies with:

If you are not one of them, then you can absolutely safely sign up for a tattoo. In any case, consultation with a specialist is simply necessary. Especially if you are undergoing the procedure for the first time.


The procedure of semi permanent makeup is especially recommended for ladies with reduced hair growth, blond, rare or featureless, but will improve and the look of almost any eyebrow. As for lip tattooing, with its help they solve the problems of asymmetry, fuzzy contour, fading and uneven pigmentation, and also simply improve the juiciness and fullness of the lips.
Many say that finding a good permanent makeup artist is not so easy. To do this, it is best to contact people who have gotten a cosmetic tattoo  and ask for recommendations. You can also visit forums and sites where permanent makeup artist's work is discussed, but remember that there are also custom reviews, both positive and negative, from dishonorable competitors.
It is important to decide on the shape and color, so you will already know what results you expect.
Before starting the procedure, draw with a pencil what you want, show the permanent makeup specialist what exactly you want to get from him.
It is very important to follow the proper care of the tattoo after the procedure. Do not expose it to direct sunlight and for a week, abstain from going to the sauna, bathhouse and solarium, do not play sports. Carefully monitor the disinfection of the application site on the first day, do not touch with dirty hands and do not tear off the resulting crust. Post-care tips should be provided to you by your permanent makeup specialist.
There are many positive and negative reviews about permanent makeup. And to do it or not to do, it's up to you. Many women say that they are very pleased with their semi permanent cosmetic tattoo. But there are those who did not like the result at all.

Basically, the possible risks of the procedure are based on the poor qualifications of the permanent makeup specialist, so if you approach your choice wisely, checking all the possible risks and based on trust, permanent makeup will definitely beautify you.

Powder ombré (Ombré shading, powdered brows, feather brows)

Powder brow technique is gives the eyes, brows or lips that soft makeup look.

When done on the eyelids it highlights the eyes, gives them shine and a brighter shade. This is a great solution for women who have expressionless eyes or an overhanging, heavy eyelids.

Powder shading, or “feather touch”, gained its well-deserved popularity in 2018. This is due to the natural appearance of the eyelids after the procedure. To create the effect of soft shadow on the upper and lower eyelids, this special technique is used.

The anesthetic is applied in the form of a cream. The required area is marked with a cosmetic pencil.

Using a machine for permanent make-up, the permanent makeup expert then applies pigment between the lashes and above. It is important that the color is shaded smoothly, and evenly.

After the procedure, the skin is treated with soothing lotions. You just have to wait until the “microtraumas” heal. Complete healing will happen within 30 days. Swelling will disappear in 1-2 days.

However, powder method is also used for eyebrow tattooing - they look more natural, as if simply tinted with a small amount of shadows. Such eyebrows are also called "powdery." Ombre brows look great both on their own and with additional subsequent dyeing of hairs with henna or applying mascara for eyebrows to add additional texture.

Modern tattooing techniques - in the hands of an experienced permanent makeup artist emphasize a woman's natural beauty. High-quality permanent makeup will last from 1-3 to 5 years, depending on both the pigments used and the characteristics of the client’s skin, as well as the tattooed area.

Healing stages

powder brow healing stages

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